Thursday, February 23, 2006

Staying Engaged

We must always stay engaged with reality. If we react defensively and withdraw, we become static.

It is said that reality is a continuous field of being. In a sense this allows us to perceive that everything is sustained by and within a single source and point. Perhaps meaning a central intelligence. Everything exists in relation to this source. I am not an individuated entity, I am a reaction to the source of being. Consciousness flows from the One to me; meaning, it is not generated, does not originate from me, within myself.

I believe this truth stands as a confirmation of meaning and value. Science even tells us consciousness has a direct effect on reality. To me, this says that consciousness is inherent, fundamental to the field of being. That stands as confirmation, because an aspect of this truth is that consciousness exists independent of physical existence.

Another conclusion one can draw from this is that our body is a receiver picking up the signal of consciousness. This brings me back to the idea of staying engaged. It is important to realize that consciousness is the essence of dynamic. If we become defensive and dam up, we are cutting ourselves off from the source, in the most literal way. We are plugged in, in a sense. Not staying engaged with outside stimuli is lethal! We must maintain a dialog with our life, for that dialog is all we are.

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sophia said...

"... the dialoque is all we are."

Profound as usual. A radical dialoque with ourselves and others opens us to our inner self.

Sorry about the long absence, but life has kept me rather occupied.