Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Remember The Heart

Ok so we've become totally liberated from our old paradigms. We no longer cling to superstitious nonsense or needless attachment, we've fully learned how to let go. Where does that leave us? This is a question i've asked over and over in one form or another, and i have yet another possible way to answer it.

Deconstructing ourselves in this way isn't liberation from anything. We're only making a confused mess of ourselves. We must find some way to orient ourselves between the inner and outer worlds. Once we see that there's something beyond normal tangible reality, we have to take that next step and determine what that is. Most people, including myself, get stuck in between these two points. How can we verify anything beyond what we can experience? You can't, but when we get stuck like this it's because we're unclear how to go about experiencing this inner world.

The Heart is our divine kernel, our gateway to the infinite. Our ability to reason is inconsequential next to the infinite nature of Spirit. So we have to have certain built in value structures and compulsions, in order to really embody the divine. It goes far beyond a "built in value structure" though. Since our very nature is divine, is infinite, we can never be totally isolated. All those aspects of existence that are beyond our comprehension are a part of us, we simply can't grasp them with our reasoning mind. The Heart is an intuitive sense. It is our perception of the quality of the universe. When we look inward we see that there is another type of reality. One that isn't substantial, but all the more important for that reason. Because we can't quantify the nature of Love or Hope... that doesn't mean they aren't real.

We have to move beyond our reasoning mind. Even more pertinent we have to move beyond our own deconstructed existence. Take a step outside the void. If you look inward you can sense those deeper more subtle layers of existence but they will never be laid bare for our intellect. We have to refine our ability to perceive with the heart. I think as we do this the overemphasis we place on external reality will fall away and be put into balance with the internal. The Heart is our bridge between these two worlds, just as we are that same bridge from a larger perspective. Humanity is juxtaposed between outer and inner. It is our Duty and our Destiny to bring these two worlds together. Our Gift is this capacity to become fully realized, to be a perfect expression of reality. We also stand at the pinnacle of Kosmic achievement(at least as far as we can tell) and the very reason we are at this precipice is this merger of two worlds lies within our domain.

This inevitable union has been placed in our hands. I believe that would fully explain the difficulty we all seem to experience in coming to terms with our reality. A reality made up of two distinct planes and the only contact they have is within us. This is not to say spirit does not come in contact with the physical world, on the contrary the two aren't separated enough to use the term contact. What i speak of as separated is a realized existence within these two worlds. That is our great task and great privilege

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