Friday, June 03, 2005

The Answer

I think people spend to much time looking at the destructive aspect of reality. Everything is being born and burning out through infinity, each moment is blooming and withering everywhere forever. It's hard to express the nature of what seems to be going on in the universe. And that is the way we tend to look at it, it really has nothing to do with our lives at all. There's this vast cosmic cycle going on all around us, and then there's banal old us just watching, being doomed to die. When in reality we, like all the Kosmos, are born anew in each moment of existence.

One day this miracle that is "ourselves" will cease to be, but other "ourselves" shall replace this current form to bring fresh experience and love to the universe. To often we think about how we are mortal and will one day pass on. We look at all the destruction and suffering around us. We see our personal lives break down in one way or another through the years. We watch friends and lovers come and go. We try and hold on to something, to someone and we never can.

It's funny what kind of reality you can paint for yourself depending on how you look at the world. When we see the destruction in the universe all around us what we're not looking at is the love around us. Because of the tumultuous nature of existence, we must be propelled from creation to destruction via the laws of nature. It is in this monster's grip that we can descend and ascend and finally transcend all boundaries that are. But considering the amount of energy being poured forth by the Kosmos everyday to propel this universe onward, the infinite love expressed in the energy of one microsecond of a cosmic genesis. And here we stand at it's crest passionately pursuing our deaths everyday. When in reality death is only the backdrop against which all meaning we find is considered. Death is only an end, not a meaning or anything to be anticipated. Of course our anxiety is inevitable, but when we spend our entire lives cowering in fear and hesitating in anxiety, what will we have when that end does come?

We stand on this pinnacle of Kosmic achievement, we are poised at the dawn of Kosmic Consciousness. I say the Kingdom of Heaven awaits us! Yet we are so intent on the suffering that propels us to greatness that we never achieve it. I say wake up and embrace your divinity. Realize we are cradled in the arms of Infinite Love. By no evil of man, no matter how atrocious, can this love be undone. It binds us all inextricably together. Whether that intimate embrace allows our destruction or salvation, i believe is entirely up to us.

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