Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Unfolding of Spirit

As the universe grows in complexity it seems to become more self aware. There seems to be interactions on higher and higher levels of organization. We as the (assumedly) first self-aware beings in this Kosmos are the harbingers of a great change in the nature of spirit.

What came before can really only be interpreted as a mechanistic reality. Rules upon rules pushing the universe onward. A vast and intricate dance set in motion by a singular moment's end. It seems that the universe has an unlimited capacity for emergence and creation bound to an inexorable terminus or loss of momentum.

This has culminated in our human identity. Human identity which is essentially our ability to observe ourselves and create associations against a backdrop of seeming chaos and entropy. We are juxtaposed between the physical and mental realm. The only conceivable connection would be spirit. Thus we must discover spirit in order to understand ourselves. Once we understand the essence of the interpenetration of the physical and mental realms we will understand the essence of ourselves.

With humanity evolution has become conscious of itself. Now that we have the potential to control our reality and direct where it flows, we must make a choice. We can evolve and find greater and greater unity in the Kosmos or we can be left behind, because i believe Spirit will find an outlet. In order for the one to become aware of itself it must journey through the many and back again. We are hitting a punctuated level of development that requires us as individuals to become aware of our divine nature because that is the next step in the process. We are the many looking toward the one.

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