Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Logos or Where does the manifest find form?

I was thinking about this today: Over the years after i was introduced to eastern philosophy i've integrated a level of non attachment. I'm not a consistent meditator, but because i've focused on the idea so much i've trained my mind to let go of objects more easily. I realized though that the energy to affect change like that originated at the level of belief. My assertion that non attachment is a positive thing created a drive to embody that value.

Is there some force that will see truth brought about? Once someone's consciousness has decided that an idea is important and true what would one call the energy born into such a conviction? I believe that the very force that binds and creates reality can be identified in our convictions. The important correlation here would be that our motivation and beliefs are intertwined with the very spirit of divine manifestation.

Should we view activity is a direct source of divine nature? Can our actions embody the very essence of Spirit? I say the answer is a very obvious yes. In the scheme of The One and The Many, the entire aspect of The Many is enfoldment and thus the nature of Spirit. I believe this begs the question: if Spirit or divine manifestation are interrelated to action arising from conviction what if any separation of the two ideas are there? It would be easy enough to say that although conviction is made up of manifest spirit, manifest spirit isn't simply conviction. I think that they are not so easily separated though.

When you look at what most of reality is made up of, it's simply perceived rules and truths within which we conduct our affairs. So this creates a need for that activity in order to bring about the defining truths. No separation and interaction, no truth or operational rules will ever be formed. What i'm trying to convey is that our beliefs, our impetus to carry on our lives is the very ground of being. Without that preexisting value without the motivation to live life, there is nothing, nothingness.

As i've talked about before most truth is subjective, created from our various stimuli. The important thing to consider though is the nature of our values and beliefs and actions. From those deep seated associations we form the structure of existence. I think that this realization that conviction is of divine origin is a call to arms. If we are the harbingers of spirit via our actions then how important does that make them? We must attempt to embody every moment in the purest Self. Our most mundane actions are in fact divine. With the eternal living moment we must commune.

Every moment is brought into existence from nothing, just one changing, flowing medium. There must be some logic or intellect behind it, some source of outflowing information or reality. If we are in touch with the moment then we can see that most things arise directly from any emphasis that is placed upon it by the mind. I believe that leaves us with two valid points. We must stay in touch with our present awareness in order to understand the ebb and flow of energy out of our personal wants and needs. And to be mindful of our actions and what kind of reality they would bring about. If we can strive to see god in each and every moment then we shall have a holy reality, a kingdom of God, where he is fully manifest and in communion with us. But until we can rise to the task of fulfilling that vast potential, we must strive to express ourselves as fully as possible in each and everything we do.

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