Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Politics dubya style... or we're shootin' from the hip now

Imperialist America is bad right? That's what most sensible people would conclude, but we're americans, who says we have to be sensible? Really though, hear me out.

You look at the political situation of today, it's pretty grim. Our economy is rapidly changing, growing and shrinking, constantly developing into new markets. We can barely keep up with our own progress. The lust for profit drives the worlds nation's ever onward. Of course there is the political games to be considered. The constant struggle for power and the upper hand. America sits squarely on top of it all, in all it's imperial glory. We are a nation in decline however, which greatly complicates things. We don't excel at anything but excelling it seems, we're still on top, mainly due to sheer ruthlessness and momentum. We have control of the world economy, our national budget is actually fluid so that it can account for all the trading, done with our money, in the world. There seems to be so many elements to the situation, that i couldn't even begin to weave them all together. I do however see the american agenda.

When dubya began to push his war, it would eventually become apparent as our struggle to stay on top of the world economy. By securing various elements in the middle east, and making sure that western culture is integrated, we have a strong foothold. It would be my guess that as dubya pursues this imperialist agenda, he will make sure that we play a fundamental part in world "policing" thus ensuring our nation's survival and continued importance in world politics. Of course there's alot i'm not covering like dubya's personal obligations (cold war buddies and all) And concerns over OPEC and loosing Oil Money. Basically we're stuck in a cycle of wrong choices for the wrong reasons.

Everyone is either thinking i'm an idiot or that's a horrible scenario (or both, being the correct answer) How can something like this happen? How can a people so close to transcending all their pettiness get stuck on such a low level of world-development? After all we've learned and experienced, after 2 world wars, after a Holocaust can we still be simply struggling for more personal power? The answer is yes. Definitely, we're still in the finishing stages of imperial domination. America should be the last great empire, if we could get over being stuck between a democracy and what we're truly meant to be.

What i'm implying, as abhorrent as the idea may be, is perhaps ole dubya is a harbinger for something far beyond his simple and chaney's narrow minded perception. Although, we're doing something completely wrong. Pursuing our greed and lust for power with no concern for others (no really, we DO know it's not to help) Perhaps in the end, something good will come out of it. Just like our alienation of internal wisdom for external knowledge, though bad, was still necessary in order to bring our world under control. We need to tame the world, before we can really tame ourselves, i think. Once all the lower level injustices are brought to light, in our modern perspective, and hopefully dealt with on that level, we can deal with the problems of modernity more readily.

What i mean is that while there are starving children and genocide and gender subjugation it's hard to completely merge with the unfolding of spirit in divine love. Perhaps what we have to realize is that there are still events in motion that need to be brought to a head, before we, as a race, can continue our development. Although our beautiful nation is committing some of the same atrocities we all know we need to grow past, perhaps we need to look beyond that. To see what this will bring to fruition farther into the future. Even though we are imposing our ideas on the rest of the world, that does include bringing them up to a higher standard of existence, and thus giving them the possibilities and freedom we should cherish so much. When we subjugate these middle eastern tribes we may be destroying their unique expression of government, but the ideas still remain to be cherished, and the culture itself lives on. It only changes, as all living things must. We are all in this together, we are all changing each other, and we MUST become aware of that.

Perhaps though dubya's policies will allow enough momentum for the rest of the world to be brought up to world-centric human rights, and given a place among the rest of the modern world. Once his "Reign of Evil" has ended, we may actually be able to pick up the pieces more readily.

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I believe that if America (or those in power, I should say, but what is an American without power?) truly wanted to end drug importing, it/they could. Why don't they? They're crooked. I'm sure Adam Smith didn't forsee in his laissez-faire theory that those in power would become crooked for their own personal benefit, which in turn, really throws a wrench in the economic machine.

My opinion is that Iran will be invaded sooner or later. There are troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, we're in perfect flanking position, so why not take advantage of it?

America is like nothing ever before in History. Imperialism has never before been done under the guise of Democracy until America.

Most people that consider themself "Good Americans" are the same ones that would willingly chug a 12 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon and unleash a patriotic yellow stream of justice on the Constitution that our forefathers so idealistically created.