Saturday, April 16, 2005

The freeing of the mind in Cyberspace

It seems to me that as technology develops into cyberspace and our interactions with it quickly evolve and deepen we free our thoughts/values/symbols of our "real world" interactions. What i think this means is not totally clear :) The essence of it though revolves around our capacity to transcend the traditions and behavior/thought patterns we have developed.

Perhaps as we grow to identify our ego with the blogosphere it will bloom into something much richer and deeper. A gateway to the divine, a tool for self/communal exploration, a new unique dimension of being, alive it it's own right. A free sharing of information and a exponential increase in medium by which to transmit information and experience.

Now in the more immediate perspective... Perhaps as we all begin to share ideas via blog we can purify or distill our symbols, leaving our defenses and prejudices in the "real world" I believe if all of us thought about that for a year as we poked our noses around the internet something truly wonderful would emerge...What am i talking about? That's already happening.

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