Saturday, April 09, 2005


Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence is a thought provoking movie. I'm not a big anime fan so i've not totally explored the universe, there's manga and a series for this universe, and i'm told the author is quite brilliant. So, this idea may not be singular to the movie, but in my opinion is central to it. The movies spends alot of time exploring the nature and possibilites revolving around this concept.

The basic idea is that all humans are hard wired to thier own personal electronic domain or e-brain. It contains a library of information, the movie implies that people keep quotes or words and various text or files booted into thier active memory to suppliment thier own vocabulary and information available. It goes on to show you that most people's perception of the "outside world" is determined not only by our natural means but also the data being loaded into our e-brains. When one enters a particular domain in the real world you're active memory loads up any associated programs with it. Many complications ensue of course involving viruses and hackers. I highly recommend this movie

Now I would like to explore some real life parralels and possibilities. First and foremost i would point to the "blogosphere" as having major simalarities. It seems that people are using the blogosphere as a way to express and reflect upon personal experience and relivent information through posting, and as a major point of referance by viewing, and relation, communion, peer to peer evaluation by commenting/posting. So, in alot of ways it's like this huge mental extension of yourself that overlaps with the same kind of projection everyone else who is doing this has. Although i'm trying to make a serious effort to actually create information or at least referances; my main interest in the blogosphere, or the digital domain in general is for referance/informative purposes.

Which brings me to a few other points to make. The internet in general i think really falls into the category of "e-brain" but the internet itself is almost it's own entity, because of marketing and various uses and neccessities it creates. While the blogosphere is much more personal and almost "tangible" in alot of ways. One thing i'm finding very valuable is google's G-mail. This program seems to revolutionize email potential and because of it's very good labeling/archiving system offered as an alternative to folders i've been inclined to use it as my own referance library. Typically any post i put up i send a copy of it to myself and label it post, archive it, and there they are under one heading. I've made a documents for myself where i send any lists i wanna keep any interviews or articles i read that i want a copy of. I've got several other things going like a link library that i keep adding to.

A last point i would like to make is that to me this seems to be a very logical progression for what's to come. I say that because it seems to me that has always been the nature of Man's reality. There's a long list of associations that we cling to and identify with as an aspect of ourselves. I don't think that's exactly a bad thing, although i do think it's neccessary to reach a level above that and be able to act upon that fact from a removed perspective. This idea of e-brain though i think is very simaler to what man experiences if he owns a personal library or keeps a journal and then on the next level has a PC or a laptop or some of the newer cell phones or a palm pilot etc. I, for one, can see it happening...sounds like fun even!

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