Saturday, April 23, 2005

Blogging as Meditation

I'm having some trouble maintaining my momentum on this blog. I don't think it's a permanent thing, but i've just poured so many ideas out all at once, basically. I believe now that i've integrated this blog into my personality and began to learn from it and grow with it. Once i've read more and thought more, then i'll have more to say.

The process of forming ideas and patterns is still very internal for me, and mostly hidden at that. But i can see how Blogging has augmented that significantly, however, my ego wants retreat to regroup and understand it's new self and go through the solely internal process of forming new structures around that experience and then re approaching reality.

I would propose instead to teach myself a new way to explore my depths. I think that communal confirmation is an important, if not the singular, concept to truth. When we blog we are presenting ourselves to the public. Even if that's not our intent, we are still opening ourselves to that possibility. No matter how much you may intend for that not to be an object, on a fundamental level, it still is. So integration of internal unfolding with blogging as the medium, would dictate as certain honesty with ones self. "Ok this is what i believe, now that i've written it down, are other people going to see my logic?" If we can maintain an honest dialogue with ourselves as we do this, then we will bring to light many problems with our confined perspective, and hopefully transcend them

Also Blogging as an art form has great potential for expression. As we report on something, pull an idea together, or simply line up our day to day events we are engaging in the process of creation. Thus far i've put that into two categories for myself: Creating the blog as an independant entity, with self contained ideas and narration, to be taken without consideration of the individual creating it. This i believe focuses us on clarifying our ideas away from our egos, letting them develop within their own space.Also we can fully attach our egos to blogging and project our experiences and emotions and opinions into it. I believe this route also leads to higher level of personal development because as we examine our interaction, on a personal level, with the Blogosphere we begin to objectify that as well. For those inclined to blog, we are given a strong impetus to be creative and present something of substance. As we do this i believe, of course, we are tapping into the divine. Allowing it to manifest through us, in much the same way as an artist. We are acting on a higher energy plane and this will give us the momentum to continue our personal and communal evolution to it's ultimate fulfillment.


ebuddha said...


You going to Bonnaroo? .

It's what, 3, 4 hours away?

Bindu said...

Yeah very close to here, and i have friends putting up a booth there. You know i've been tryin go for a couple of years now.. don't think i'll make it this year... and i sorely regret it when i hear anyone talk about it afterwards. Are you?

Bindu said...
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ebuddha said...

I don't think so - I am having a family get together in the summer, and I thought this was going to be in Arkansas - and that I might, since I'd be in the area, go to this. But it looks like this is happening in Kansas this year.

That's too far away, this time.