Thursday, April 21, 2005

Benedict XVI

Today i shall talk about what everyone else seems to be.

The pope, great! It really surprise me to hear so much negativity about something that's potentially such a good thing. I don't know or care to know about the pope and who he is. Just not my interest, i am interested in the outcome though. Seems to me that everyone is already casting stones and the fellow has barely got that huge ridiculous hat on. Can we at least let him make his first immaculate mistake before we decide he's actually the anti-christ. CNN has been running a story basically refuting claims that he is a Nazi sympathizer. This is because being german, and old, the pope was in the Hitler Youth and also served the German army in WW2. I have to tell you this, neither of those things makes him a Nazi.

The world is going through so much change right now, obviously this is going to have major ramifications on Tradition. As people evolve and develop into higher states of mind we let go of our past prejudices and ignorance and embrace a new more holistic paradigm. An entity such as the Church will not long survive (in any real sense) if it doesn't grow and change with the world. You can't have a church still refusing to admit the world is round. Obviously that particular example is something our previous friendly neighborhood pope took care of "hey world...yeah we're um, coming outta the middle ages now...yeah for real"

But simple apologies aren't enough. With a growing percent of believers no longer being properly described by that term, something is in obvious need of change. The church hopefully will begin to express some more advanced ideas about divine union and the like, of course that's a long hard road, even today, but one they're going to have to go down. Basically more than anything they need to admit the nature of reality and stake a place for themselves within that context. "Sure Jesus' wasn't actually THE savior, really more like one among thousands, in fact we're not even sure if he meant to be anything more than a cult leader. But hey, he was a nice guy and we've got a bunch of really old pretty buildings, so come see our funny hats"

That kind of stance of course isn't going to happen, but what i'm saying is that you can acknowledge the nature of truth and still find meaning within the context of a dogma. I believe if the church could simply take that stand, and deal with all the difficult changes that would bring, then something unparalleled in beauty could grow out of a religion like christianity. With it's selfless love, and personal communion with god and membership within the godhead through christ's sacrifice, imagine if christians grew to see that we are ALL brothers and sisters. What kind of heavenly kingdom might dawn then?

What i'm trying to convey is that just because the church is a huge cumbersome organization that is very outdated and steeped in mythic imagery doesn't mean it can't catch up. As far as the pope goes, he's only one man, let's give him a chance, and hope for the best. If everyone is negative from the outset, how is that going to set the stage for him? If everyone is positive and receptive, what might he be inspired to do seeing a world ripe for change?

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