Thursday, March 31, 2005

What is Love?

I would like to pose this question to everyone, myself included. It has so many meanings doesn't it? It's hard to begin... On the most basic level i'd say love stands for connection or communion. Biology would explain it as horomones produced to create certain helpful urges for reproduction. Of course that's a very shallow definition only taking into account one aspect of our nature. If that is the bottom end of the meaning the organic component that anchors us in this reality, then what would be the opposite of that?

I believe Eros and Agape come into use at this point. Eros being gods love eminating out into the subjective realm, all encompassing all giving love. Agape is our ascending love for the divine. Perhaps our wonder at the miracle of existance would fit into the category of agape (correct me if i'm wrong, i'm far from scholarly)

I think that is a good aspect of love to consider: exstacy or awe, wonder etc. When we look at just how intricate and dynamic and full of meaning life around us is we sometimes can feel the almost tangible web of love binding it all together. I'm not much more than an armchair philosopher but i think that love is the power that binds our reality together, much like the Force :) If everything is ultimately interconnected subjectivity arising through coemergence(is that redudant i think those all add something)then whatever compulsion that drives our interactions. That intersubjective glue that creates our need our dependance on each other for our very identity and means of proliferating ourselves would be love, i think.

Of course there are many other forms of love. Love for our parents, love for our friends, love animals and nature, love/empathy for strangers...such a list could get pretty long. I think though that in our modern society one primary aspect of love we are concerned with is Romantic love. Falling in love is the stuff dreams are made of :) Girl and guy alike always hold fantasies about finding that perfect mate, that person that makes them feel complete. Someone who doesn't exist, really :( But that's a good thing! To grow in love we must move past such Ideals into the real world and find a radical acceptance for those in our lives instead of trying to match them to a preconfigured template. If we can realize that anyone who would choose to really love us and accept us for who we are must have all those Ideals within them. If we can learn to see the Divine in our Life Mate then we will help realize that potential in them and they will reciprocate and thus we can ascend.

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